Boomerang House


Design & Build


2,200 sq ft

Completed in


Project Information

The site located off Catholic Walk in Kinsale Co. Cork. The site was leftover plot of land from years of estate development and was surrounded on 3 sides by existing suburban type housing. The site also had the added challenge of protected trees which were high and obstructing the view of Kinsale. Site constraints informed the design approach into an arcing rising semi circular planned house to crane the inner mezzanine and main living areas SE towards the view of Kinsale.

The circular form of the building creating a private entrance and dining area facing south and screened off from the surrounding neighbours. Whilst most architecture is straight lines and angles, curves are often designed to soften a buildings impact helping the structure to meld into the surrounding landscape area 


"Professional, Efficient, Creative, Pleasant, Innovative Design."
Robert & Emma